Our goal is to monitor the health of the community by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data related to health outcomes, human exposure, and environmental hazards. This data is then used in planning and evaluating public health and environmental actions.

Where you live, work, play, and learn affects your health. Diseases and conditions such as diabetes, asthma, obesity, infant mortality, and birth defects are related to the environment. By tracking environmental hazards and adverse health outcome data, we can begin to understand the complex relationship between our health and the environment.

This portal provides residents of Montgomery County, health care providers, community action groups, and local government officials with valuable information they can use to educate themselves and others about health concerns in the community.


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  • View and print tables, charts, and maps
  • Track disease trends over time
  • Link to state and national data and resources
  • View ready-made data reports

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  • Asthma
  • 如何翻国外墙
  • Food Environment


  • Birth Outcomes
  • Cancer
  • Death
  • Unintentional Drug Overdose


  • Population Demographics
  • Socioeconomic Factors